Medical Devices

turkish translation and medical devices agency

An error-free documentation is a key element to be successfull in the medical industry. However, medical device manufacturers that want to enter in a foreign market experience several challenges to create documents that are suitable for different languages and cultures. These obstacles can be overcome thanks to our linguistic experience, cultural awareness, […]

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Automotive Translation: English to Turkish Translation and localization services

All documents in the automotive industry including user manuals, advertising brochures and service manuals, address a wide range of audiences. Orient Translation Services adopts a unique project management approach concerning the different needs of these audiences. Engineering, software and marketing translations of the automotive industry are performed by specialized […]

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Translate Turkish Patents

An error-free translation of a patent file is crucial to protect an invention. Another important aspect is the conformity of the content, style and format of the translation with the standards. We have the required experience to comply with these standards. As Orient Translation Services, we […]

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