All documents of the automotive industry including user manuals, advertising brochures and service manuals address a wide range of audience. Orient Translation Services adopts a unique project management approach concerning the different needs of these audiences. Engineering, software and marketing translations of automotive industry are performed by specialized translators including Mechanical Engineers.

The Choice of Industry Leaders

Since its establishment, our company serves the world’s leading automotive companies via its senior translation team. While our client portfolio has grown year by year, leading companies such as Toyota, MAN, Ford, Scania and Hans Turck have kept us as their preferred translation partner.

Translation with High Added Value

Since the automotive industry launches complex products every year, documents related to these products and their respective translations are becoming increasingly indispensable. You can overcome this industry-specific translation challenge with the correct resource allocation, effective project management and rigorous quality control procedures of Orient Translation Services.
We can translate several automotive documents among which are the following:

  • User manuals (UM)
  • Service manuals (SM)
  • Automobile user interfaces (GUI)
  • Spare parts lists (OEM)
  • Marketing materials and website