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Orient Translation Services has a wide range of resources in various languages. However, Orient primarily offers language services from English and German into Turkish, Arabic, Russian, Greek and Bulgarian, and vice versa. Our company offers translation services in various fields for different file formats. All kinds of documents including user manuals, service manuals, catalogs, leaflets, press releases, websites, graphic interfaces, training materials, etc. are translated in compliance with industry standards. Orient offers translation services, especially in the Medical and Automotive industries, but also in the fields of Engineering, Machinery and Tools, IT, Finance, Law, Patents and Games.


The most critical element of a localization process is to adapt the relevant text to the local culture and market needs while keeping its originality. An unsuitable translation in terms of cultural codes and standards will negatively affect the success of a product in the local market. The localization process offered by Orient ensures an accurate adaptation of the text.

  • Creative localization solutions that make a difference in the local market
  • Translation and control processes that are structured according to the market needs
  • Culturally and ethically sensitive target texts
  • Accurately adapt the formatting of date, time, currencies and units of measure


Orient Translation provides localization services from English and German into Turkish, Arabic, Russian, Greek and Bulgarian with its experienced translators team. We only work with native linguists.

TM Management

Translation memory (TM) is database that allows the storage of translation pieces to be used again later. Thanks to TM systems, project costs are decreased, translation processes are faster, and the terminology consistency is ensured. Orient aims maximum gain by creating databases that are specific to your project’s needs.

  • Various TM formats such as TMX, XLIFF are supported
  • Databases are kept up-to-date by continuous maintenance
  • More than one database can be used simultaneously for different projects
  • Your databases are made available to you whenever you want

Terminology Management

Using the correct terminology is the most important aspect of a translation process focused on quality and cost. Thus, we can produce high-quality target texts that comply with the terminology of the field and industrial standards. Depending on your needs, Orient can work with your specific project or glossaries supplied by your client. While creating a glossary;

  • Define the terms in the text
  • A glossary is created by translating the defined terms
  • The glossary created is then checked by experienced translators who specialize in the relevant field
  • The translation process is monitored to check the correct use of the glossary’s terms

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