hizmetlerimiz Orient Translation Services promises a hassle-free translation process by its translation capacity of around two million words per month as well as by its quality management system. Thanks to its experienced translators in the relevant fields and a seamless project management, it provides high quality translations. The quality and confidence committed to our clients are assured by the ISO 17100:2015 standard. Therefore, right from the planning up to the completion phase of the project, all steps including desktop publishing, translation, localization, database and terminology management have been structured according to our quality commitment.

Quality Commitment

Quality encompasses not only linguistic standards but also the whole process of translation production. The goal of the production process is to turn out satisfying products that meet the requirements of ISO 17100:2015 standard in every step. For this purpose, the entire project team is involved in the process. The project coordinator monitors and checks every step. Our quality insight underpins our Quality Assurance system.

  • An experienced resource pool that translates into its native language
  • A translation team that has a grasp of the terminology of source texts
  • Creative localization solutions that ensures making a difference in local market
  • Translation and editing processes that are structured according to market needs and industrial regulations
  • Continuous improvement policy through client feedback and error analysis applications
  • A documentation policy every stage of the project and of client relations.

Project Management Approach

During a project planning process, all risks are considered whilst all steps are thoroughly planned. Orient Translation Services manages each step carefully via its experienced project coordinators and comprehensive project management tools. The workflow has been built on this awareness.

  • A project coordination that is structured according to industry-specific needs and adapted to the product
  • A hassle-free communication that swiftly responds to your e-mails and accurately processes your feedback
  • Project managers who know the drill and have translation experience
  • From project management to human resources, sales, accounting and operation departments, senior English-speaking personnel who can be easily contacted
  • Benefiting from the most up-to-date CAT tools
  • A centrally managed Project Management Platform
  • Server administration system that guarantees the security of your data

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