An error-free translation of a patent file is crucial to protect an invention. Another important aspect is the conformity of the content, style and format of the translation with the standards. Orient has enough experience to meet these standards. We provide a translation service that complements the work of patent agencies.

Since our establishment, we have translated patent files for Turkey’s leading patent agencies. Our weekly patent translation capacity has never fallen below 40 patent files. Furthermore, we have an experienced team capable of translating patent files particularly in the technical and chemical fields. This team is allocated almost exclusively for patent translations. Having a specific knowledge, this team offers translation services in English, German and French.

Our experience of many years provides the following advantages:

  • Use of language and formatting that complies with the standards of the Turkish Patent Institute
  • Use of the correct terminology for each patent file
  • Production of patent files that will not give extra work for patent attorneys
  • Transfer of the patent source file to the target language in a complete and accurate manner