Project Management


From planning the workflow to the delivery of the project, project management is a challenging process. Orient Translation Services manages each step carefully through its experienced Project Coordinators and comprehensive project management tools. All steps are determined according to the ISO 17100:2015 standard showing that quality is not achieved accidentally but always through planning and control. The workflow process comprises the planning based on market needs, preparing the translation kit, assigning a project team, production process (translation/localization and control), and deliverying the translation. All steps are managed through a Project Management System. Thereby, each step of the project can be carefully checked.


  • Define the specific instructions of the project
  • Prepare the project glossary and style guide
  • Prepare the documents for translation
  • Assign a project team


  • Translate the documents
  • Troubleshoot and clarify ambiguities with the client
  • Quality assurance

Formatting and Delivery

  • Format the documents that were edited, and proofread them
  • Apply the changes made by the client
  • Deliver the documents

Main Background

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